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The West Coast Home of the World Famous Tennessee Walking Horse.

The Tennessee Walking Horse gained it’s reputation for being the smoothest ride of all horses.  They are bred and trained for it.  They are proud horses that, under Russ Thompson’s gentle hands seem to understand their role.

Russ Thompson is a world class trainer who has been working with Tennessee Walking horses for over several decades and so he knows how they think and how they respond.

Russ Thompson stables will help you buy a horse of your specifications (click here), train it, board it, and train you if necessary.

We have miles and miles of riding area here in San Bernardino. From the barn there is access to unlimited BLM and San Bernardino National forest).  And we offer a riding arena used for working the horses.

About Russ Thompson

Russ Thompson was inducted into the Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Fame in 1995 and has dedicated over a quarter of a century of his life to promoting and exhibiting the Tennessee Walking Horse. Learn more…

Our Facilities

Russ Thompson’s Tennessee Walking Horses are for sale and our Inland Empire Riding Stables offers Tennessee Walking Horse training. Learn more…

Our Horses

We offer Tennessee Walking Horses and California-trained horses for sale, Inland Empire horse riding lessons, Tennessee Walking Horse breeding, Inland Empire horse boarding and more.